There are two groups according the level of study:

  1. From 8 to 11 years old: “Juniores”

  2. Ages 12 and up: “Seniores”

Registration and regulation

  1. All participants must register online, using the registration form on the website, no later than on june 5 2021.

  2. The lessons will be held on the Zoom platform. In the days preceding the start of the first lesson will be sent a link by email to each member.

  3. Disciplines:

  4. Times refer to the Italian Time Zone. The program may be rearanged.

Schedule: June 17/18,  2021

  • 10.00/11.15 juniores
  • 11.30/12.45 seniores
Contemporary Dance:
  • 10.00/11.15 seniores
  • 11.30/12.45 juniores
  • 18.00/19.15 juniores
  • 19.30/20.45 seniores


  1. Single lesson stage: 10 euro 
  2. Payments can be made directly online by Credit Card. 
  3. In case the stages cannot take place due to force majeure, a voucher of the same amount will be issued for the Interdanza 2022 edition, as specified in art. 88 of the “ Cura Italia” decree or classes are subject to merge depending on number of participants.
  4. In case of non-attending of the participant due to his/her decision, the registration fee cannot be refunded.

International teachers

  1. Allyne Veraz – hip hop

  2. Marco Laudani - contemporary

  3. Anja Ahcin Yehia - classic




2 categories:

  1. Juniores 8 -11 anni: “Show your creativity

  1. Seniores 12 years and up: “Show your talent

Registration and regulation

  1. All participants must register online using the registration form on the website, and submit their video no later than June 5 2021.

  1. Participants must submit a video of an original choreography, filmed with or without costumes, in any indoor / outdoor space, as long as the footage is clear.

  1. Participants may submit choreographies as soloists, duo or groups

  1. Participants may perform in any style.

  1. The video lasts maximum duration of 2 minutes for solo and duo, and a maximum of 2.30 minutes for groups

  1. We suggest using the music included in the lislink.
    Should your music not be included in the list, Interdanza will not guarantee compliance with Facebook and the audio on your video might be silenced

  1. Participants may use editing programmes or apps in order to create their clips.

  1. School and company logos are allowed in the videos.

  1. Each video will be published on the official Facebook page of Interdanza ( From 8.00 a.m. on June 14th until June 18th at 11.00 p.m. the popular vote will be open.

  2. Sharing is allowed with the hashtag #Interdanza2021.

  3. The performance may be choreographed by the dancer himself or with the help of an adult. The aim is to give life to a moment of lightheartedness, enjoyment and creativity.

    Music, sounds, noises, absence of music, words in background, an acting and whatsoever auditory suggestion could be used to accompany the choreography, in order to make it a pleasant creative act of a single person or a group

  4. For minors, authorization signed by a parent / tutor is mandatory. The form “discharge of liabilities” must be downloaded, completed in all its parts and sent back to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please note: the video in question will not be published otherwise


  1. Solo: 15 euro for participant / video

  1. Duo / Pas de deux: 10 euro for participant/ video

  1. Groups: 10 euro for participant/ video

  1. Each participant may perform more than once by sending more than one video (solo, pas de deux, group).

  1. Payments can be made directly online by credit card


  1. For both categories "Show Your Creativity" and "Show Your Talent", renowned Masters will give scholarships to the choreographies that will show greater creativity, originality, expressiveness, interpretation, performance, talent.

  1. Interdanza will award further recognition for social media ranking, based on the total number of likes scored by each video. “Likes” will only be counted on the original post, and not on any that have been shared on personal pages

  1. The choreographies that will be most interesting by the Interdanza Artistic Direction will be included in the celebratory video of the Interdanza 2021 international gala featuring professional dancers of the highest profile.


  • Salieri Danza International Competition 50% , Verona, Italy

  • Summer School al Balletto di Verona 50% , Italy
  • Evento “Evergreen” workshop e vetrina coreografica, January 2022 , Catania, Italy 
  • One week of internship at the Compagnia di Danza OCRAM , Catania, Italy 
  • Interdanza 2022, workshop e Gala di danza, Livorno, Italy
  • Smash Form” intensive weekend on Urban disciplines, September 2021, Elba, Italy
  • Elba in Danza” Special Weekend, September 2021, Italy
  • Scuola M.A.D. free registration for next year, Carrara, Italy 
  • A series of lessons with a renowned teacher, Livorno, Italy 
  •  ELITE BALLET WORKSHOP ROMANIA July 26August 8, 2021 Bucharest, Romania - 50% Live and/or online 
  • “Vetrina Coreografica” di danza città di Olbia, Luglio 2021, Italy
  • Summer course “Allegro Ballet Studio” - Budapest, Hungary
  • School of the Balletto di Toscana 50% for the academic year 2021/2022, Florence, Italy

  • Registration 100%, 50%, 30% audition fees, Training Weekend 2021/2022, FirenzeDanza, Italy
  • Stages, course fees -50%, 40%, 30%, academic year 2021/2022  FirenzeDanza, Italy
  • Campus "FULL INVASION" only on the complete package of lessons 11-18 July 2021 - 50%, 40%, 30%, Marina di Massa, Italy
  • DANZAMARE SUMMER, dance stages - 30%  only on Open Card, 21-26 August, Livorno, Italy
  • Summer Intensive "DANCING IN ALBANIA", Artistic Director Leonard Ajkun, 19 July - 06 August 2021, Albania
  • Open class with professor Sofiya Hristova from Liceo Coreutico "N. Palli", academic year 2021/2021, Livorno, Italy

Offered by:

  • Eriberto Verardi & Anna Guetsman – Artistic Director Balletto di Verona - Italy
  • Marco Laudani - Artistic Director at ODM - Ocram Dance Movement - Italy
  • Mitzi Testi & Eva Kosa – Artistic Director Interdanza - Italy
  • Maria Paola Gori – Artistic Director Elba danza - Italy
  • Elisa Petri – Movimento Arte Danza Artistic Director F.Nicoli - Italy
  • Michele Politi, Maestro internazionale, Italy
  • Valentin Bartes, Artistic Director, President of Bell Art Cultural Association, International Choreographer - Romania

  • Mavi Careddu - Artistic Director di OlbiaDanza - Italia

  • Gyorgy Szakaly - University Professor, Artistic Director of Allegro Ballet Studio - Hungary

  • Monika Barna - Honorary Associate University Professor of the Hungarian Dance Academy, Artistic Director of Allegro Ballet Studio - Hungary 

  • Silvia Grasselini - Choreographer, International Professor Cid member, for the School of Balleto di Toscana, Artistic Director Cristina Bozzolini - Italy

  • Tessa Adriani - Aristic Director of the ABprogetto Danza, President of the Danzare Checchetti Ancec - Italy

  • Sofiya Hristova - Professor at the Liceo Coreutico "N. Palli", Livorno - Italy

Calendar and deadlines

  1. June 5, 2021: Closing date for registration and payment

  1. June 14 – 18, 2021: public vote video on the “Con-Corriamo” videos

  2. June 17, 2021: communication of the videos admitted for the International Gala Interdanza, June 19

  1. June 20, 2021: Declaring scholarships

 Note: All participantes will receive Interdanza elecronic diploma.



In addition to the scholarships, there will be a further recognition: the choreographies considered most interesting by Interdanza will be included in the International Gala Interdanza 2021 celebrating video, featuring high-profile professional dancers.

The Gala will be broadcasted on the official facebook page of Interdanza on June 19, 2021 and viewing will be free and open to all.




The following meetings will be held on the Zoom platform and will all be accessible upon registration and payment of 5.00 euros which includes the 3 events.

Each meeting will last 1 hour. Times will be announced shortly.

  1. June 14, 2021 - 21.00/22.00

The reality of the Liceo Coreutico and its importance for the territory

  1. June 15, 2021 - 10.00/11.00

The future of the theater in Italy in the coming years

  1. June 16, 2021 - 21.00/22.00

The teacher-pupil relationship from a psychological point of view in the period of the pandemic


Opportunity for dance teachers:

Special discount 20% for the DANZAMARE SUMMER, online courses for teachers, 21-26 August, Livorno, Italy