Our Mission
...is to promote the practice and the knowledge of Dance and all of the related arts (music, literature, figurative and expressive arts), of culture in general, engaging dance students from all around the world guided by famous and prestigious teachers together with international professional dancers.

We want to offer students the opportunity of participating to various stages, workshops, shows with important and experienced Teachers.

Our goal is to keep alive the interest for classical ballet, for the repertoire and for the important history and culture related to it.

In our fast-moving times' which promote impatience, teaching to the young generation values such as study, commitment, perseverance is clearly difficult.
That's why we rely on the professionalism and the example of great artists and Teachers that thanks to their own commitment and perseverance obtained great results over the years.  

We are very keen on this project wich, beyond his cultural importance, not only in the means of deepening the knowledge of dance but also as an opportunity for students to interact with each other and their different habits, cultures, religions, etc..., is offered at a very affordable price, unusual in the dance world.

Costs are very low thanks to the generosity of the artists engaged. Everything has made the project less heavy for the families of students that each year participate to the project.

Support the association “Arts4all”
"arts4all – Associazione Interculturale” non-profit borns in November 2008 from an idea of Eva Kosa, with the goal of promoting the meeting and the mutual knowledge of different cultural traditions and encourage integration using as the main 'tool' artistic languages.

"arts4all – Associazione Interculturale” allocates all donations, disbursements and bequests received in support of the project “Interdanza”.



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