Interdanza the First 2012‐2013

The first Interdanza was born(established) in 2012-2013 culminating with ” Romanian Rhapsody ” (dance of Demi character) at Teatro La Goldonetta to the music by George Enescu and Valentin Bartes’ choreography, danced by the students of the choreography workshop and a Gala Dance by dance schools of Livorno and from Japan under the direction of Alexander Mishutin with an amazing performance of “Pas De Deux” danced by Mari Kawanishi and Alexandr Shpak, soloists of the National Ballet of Berlin.


Interdanza the Second 2013‐2014

The second Interdanza in 2013-2014 has put on stage Don Quixotte to the music by L. Minkus and Valentin Bartes’ choreography at Teatro Goldoni in Livorno and a Gala Dance staged by the guest Japanese students and the students of Tuscany dance schools . The uniqueness of the project is that Italian and Japanese students have danced together with professional dancers in the leading roles as Marina Kanno, soloist of the National Ballet of Berlin and Tigran Mikayelyan, principal dancer of the National Ballet of Bavaria, contributing in this way to the professionalism and all high quality of the proposed work. The second Interdanza hosted an exeptional teacher: Nina Ananiashvili, former prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre, director of the National Ballet of Georgia with a great honor.Interdanza the Third 2014‐2015
The third Interdanza was held in 2014-2015, with a further leap in quality (with the aim to be inserted in the seasonal dance calendar of Teatro Goldoni) has staged “The Sleeping Beauty” to the music by PI Tschaikovski and Valentin Bartes’ choreography on April 29, honoring the World Dance Day celebrated around the world on that day.

The same ” mixed ” formula of students and professionals, with a special appearance by Yoko Honda in the role of Princess Aurora and Valentin Bartes, as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. Next to this production drawn from the classical repertoire was presented a parallel workshop of contemporary dance ” The raw meal ”, a piece by the choreographer Katia Mancini, a “Gala Dance” of dance schools and a piece danced by one of the “Amici” tv show (Simone Baroni from Livorno), as a link between the theatrical world (more like an ”elite ”) and television, certainly closer to young people.


Interdanza the Fourth 2015‐2016

The fourth Interdanza in 2015-2016 aims to be even wider bringing more space for young students and involve them in the first staging of the show. The purpose of the project is to educate younger generation and bring them to theater; to convey the message that it is nice and fun to learn and that the culture is not boring but very rewarding and fun.

There will be offered two shows. The first will be staged with the smallest participants at La Goldonetta on April 28, thus opening a week of work ( April 29 is the World Dance Day) titled “Waiting for April 29 …. ” Entertainment afternoon is suitable for children by workshops of classical and modern dance entrusted by the choreographers Katia Mancini and Sofiya Hristova and Gala schools.

The second show, which is listed among the events of Goldoni Theatre, will stage on May 4 “Coppelia” to the music by L. Delibes and choreographed by Valentin Bartes, great ballet of the Romantic repertoire and also with the ” mixed ” formula of students and professionals. Next to this classic of classics, a laboratory of contemporary will take place entrusted once again by the choreographer Katia Mancini.


Interdanza the Fifth 2016‐2017

The fifth ended with International Ballet Gala “Four steps between the styles” – the “Nutcracker” by Cajkovskij, and Alice in Wonderland”, on 4-th of December 2017, at the Teatro Goldoni of Livorno. Special guests of the evening in the main roles were Yukiko Iwata (Japan), Valentin Bartes (Romania), Andreea Jura & Dan Haja, principal dancers of the Opera of Cluj (Romania). In the period from 29 April to 3 may, the Interdanza Project has proposed Ballet stages, modern, contemporary, pas de deux, pointe/variations, dance history, with international faculty and audition for the Balletto di Verona ballet school.


Interdanza the Sixth 2017‐2018

This edition ended on 13-th of May with the International Ballet Gala “Four steps between the styles – The” Swan Lake” by Cajkovskij, choreography Valentin Bartes and ” Rhapsody ” by George Gershwin, choreography Sofiya Hristova. On stage two brilliant principal dancers Andreea Jura & Dan Haja (State Opera of Cluj-Romania) Anja Ahcin Yehia & Ahmed Yehia (Cairo Opera House-Egypt), Valentin Bartes in the role of Rothbart and Emanuele Co’ (National Academy of Budapest). We had the opportunity to collaborate with the students of the high school of dance Niccolini Palli, led by Professor Sofiya Hristova. Poffesors from the High school of Drama and Choreography “O. Stoia”Cluj (Romania); Luminita Toader and from the Hungarian Dance Academy; Monika Barna, offered their mastery to our students. For contemporary dance we hosted as a guest teacher M° Carl Portal from France.


Interdanza the Seventh 2018‐2019

The seventh edition of Interdanza ended on April 28, in the beautiful setting of the Goldoni Theater in Livorno with the International Gala "Four steps among styles" and extracts from the classical repertoire "La Bayadere", music by L. Minkus - choreography Valentin Bartes. Guests of honor of the evening in the main roles: Andreea Jura & Dan Haja, principal dancers of the Opera of Cluj (Romania).
In the second part of the Gala we presented the ballets of the choreogarphic workshops held by Sofiya Hristova, professor of the Liceo Coreutico of Livorno, and the various participating schools from the town. We had the honor to hosting Luigi Sardone freelance dancer and also the “Ugalmente Artisti” a very special dance company.
In the period from 23 to 27 of April, we had several stages: ballet, modern, contemporary, pas de deux, variations, concepts of adequate nutrition, history of dance. Also in this edition we hosted great Masters:
Luminita Toader professor at the Liceul de coregrafie si arta dramatica “O. Stroia” from Cluj (Romania); Roberta Ferrara, Equilibrio Dinamico (Italy); Sofiya Hristova professor at the Liceo Coreutico N. Palli , Livorno; Valentin Bartes, international master and choreographer; Andreea Jura and Dan Haja, principal dancers of the State Opera House of Cluj (Romania); Monica Ganni, biologist-nutritionist, Livorno; Tatiana Anton, international teacher, Bellart Cultural Association.
Also for this edition Interdanza has been chosen as partner of the “N. Palli ” Liceo coreutico of Livorno as part of the school-work alternation project.


Interdanza the Eighth 2019‐2020

The show originally scheduled for May 3, 2020 was postponed due to the Covid-19 emergency and was finally staged on October 24, 2020 within the dance Gala entitled "Four steps between styles – Le due Giselle".
The opera "Le due Giselle", arises from the parallel of the classic version of Giselle – put on stage by Maestro Michele Politi and the Maitre de Ballet Christiane Marchant - and the contemporary version based on the choreography of Mats Ek.
The latter was put on stage by Pompea Santoro, Artistic Director of EkoDanceInternation Project with the participation of the Eko Dance Project group. Music by A. Adam. The Gala included other ballets resulting from the activities carried out during the choreographic workshops of Interdanza:
"Rondo" music by WA Mozart, by Professor Sofiya Hristova of the Liceo Coreutico of Livorno, "The waltz of flowers" music by PI Ciakovskij by Maestro Michele Politi and "Allegro" music by S. Prokofiev by professor Sofia Hristova of the Liceo Coreutico in Livorno. The Also several dance schools of the town presented selected pieces in the Gala.