Interdanza 2020 – 8° Edition

Cultural Association Arts4all and Laboratorio di Danza e Movimento with Cultural Association Bellart


Our Mission

INTERDANZA is a cultural and educational project aimed at all the pupils from the age of 6 who are studying dance.

Will begin during the month of January and ends on 3 May 2020, during which various activities will be carried out in collaboration with prestigious masters, professional dancers and students from foreign countries.


Important update!
The Choreography Workshops will be back in September
The Gala will be on October 24 at Teatro Goldoni in Livorno


The Project in 4 Parts:







AUDITION for the ballet “Giselle”

Ballett Workshop “GISELLE”

On October 5 at 18.00 dancers will be auditioned to perform the second act of “Giselle” in a show that will take place SUNDAY 3 MAY 2020 at Teatro Goldoni, Livorno.
!Only girls from the age of 15 with classical ballet preparation and point experience can participate!
The choreography will be curated by Maitre de Ballet Christiane Marchant with Maestro Michele Politi.


The appointments are:

  • Sunday 5 October for the audition
  • 11/12/13/18/19/26/27 October
  • 23/24 November
  • 7/8 December


For the second half of the year the appointments are:

  • 10-11-24-25 January
  • 7-8-21-22 February
  • 6-7-20-21 March
  • 3-4-17-18-20-21-23-27-28-29-30 April
  • 1-2-3 May


The group Eko Dance Project, directed by Pompea Santoro, will follow the project and direct the representations of both the choreography by Michele Politi and the repertoire Mats Ek.
The end goal is to compare the two ballet with different styles and history.
The ballet "Giselle" will open the Dance Gala which concludes the 8th edition of the Interdanza Project.



Teacher: Sofia Hristova


  • 11-12 January
  • 22-23 February
  • 21-22 March
  • 4-18 April
  • 1-2-3 May


Teacher: S. Hristova


WORKSHOP BALLET “SENIOR” (from 12 up to 14 yso)

Teacher: Michele Politi


  • 11 January
  • 22 February
  • 21 March
  • 4-18 April
  • 1-2-3 May


Teachers: M. Politi and S. Hristova


WORKSHOP BALLET “JUNIOR” from 6 up to 11 yso

Teacher: Sofia Hristova


  • 11-12 January
  • 22-23 February
  • 21-22 March
  • 4-18 April
  • 1-2-3 May

*Any possible variation in the schedule will be reported as soon as possible.



Stages of Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Pas de deux, History of dance with prestigious teachers.
1-2 May 2020


International Dance Gala  

International Dance Gala on October 24 2020 at Teatro Goldoni in Livorno.


International Dance Competition

2-3 May 2020 – 1° edition
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Students that will participate in the project will get the possibility to share new experiences, such as dance pieces of the classical ballet repertoire next to professional dancers, important guests, in a prestigious cultural event.
They will get the opportunity to observe and share the everyday dance class and the rehearsal work with dancers of their age from all around the world and professional figures, a great opportunity of human and personal growth.

Important notes

1. Each school can choose one or multiple options.
2. For anyone not interested in tacking the choreography workshop is possible to participate only to the stage or to the single class.
3. Applying for the choreography workshop gives access to 2 days of stages.
4. The choreography workshop and the stages will take place at Laboratorio di danza e movimento in via di Popogna, 50.
5. During the project students will be designated for receiving scholarships.