Interdanza 2019 – 7° Edition

Cultural Association Arts4all and Laboratorio di Danza e Movimento with Arte Italy ASD-ApS 
present “Interdanza 2019”

Our Project


INTERDANZA is a cultural and educational project aimed at all the pupils from the age of 6 who are studying dance.

Will begin during the month of January and ends on 28 April 2019, during which various activities will be carried out in collaboration with prestigious masters, professional dancers and students from foreign countries.

The project is divided into 3 parts:

1. Workshop

a) Ballet Workshop, aimed at teenagers older than 12 years, held by M° Valentin Bartes.

* Period: January 13, February 2-3, March 9-10, April 6-7

b) Ballet Workshop, held by Professor Sofiya Hristova, aimed at teenagers older than 12 years.

*Period: January 12-13, February 2-3, March 9-10, April 6-7

c) Ballet Workshop, aimed at age between 6 and 11 years old, held by Professor Sofiya Hristova and M° Valentin Bartes (10/11 years old)

*Period: January 12-13, February 2-3, March 9-10, April 6-7 , the ballet workshops held by M° Bartes are finalized of the ballet “La Bayadere” music L. Minkus.

*Period may be changed, in that case will be communicated promptly.

The workshops will be presented in the final evening of the project, which is the International Dance Gala of 28 April at teatro Goldoni in Livorno.

Deadline 15 December 2018!

2. Stage

Stages: Ballet, modern, contemporary, pas de deux, pointe, variations, dance history, with international quest teachers: 23, 24, 26, 27 April 2019
On 25 April will trip to Florence.
Registration deadline 10 September 2019! 

3. Galà

International Dance Gala on 28 April 2019 at the Teatro Goldoni of Livorno. The first part “La Bayadere” by L. Minkus, choreography Valentin Bartes, the second part the Gala of the various participating ballet schools and guests. Participation in the Gala will be open to all dance studios.
Registration deadline 2 April 2019!


Students who join the project will have the opportunity to share new experiences, including dance “pieces” of classical repertoire alongside professional dancers, guest of honor of the evening  in a context of great cultural prestige. Will have the opportunity to observe and share the daily study of the dance and the work in the rehearsal room of the peers of different nationality and professionals, will have the opportunity to observe not only artistic growth but also human and personal.


1. Each school can choose one or more options depending on your availability.
2. People who are not interested in the ballet workshops, can chouse to participate in the only ballet stages or go just for the Gala.
3. Those who chouse de ballet workshops the price has included also all stages for 4 days.
4. Scholarships will be awarded!

Information and contacts

Mail: [email protected]

50, Popogna Street, Livorno, cell. 392-72.73.083, 347-95.34.281, 329-00.26.568

the official site

Facebook: Interdanza


We present the teachers of this 7th Edition

Valentin Bartes

Ballet & Pas de Deux

About me

Sofiya Hristora

Ballet – Ballet Workshop

About me

Michele Politi

Laboratorio Coreografico

About me

Ilaria Barone

Ballet Workshop Assistant

About me

Luminita Toader

Ballet Technique

About me

Tatiana Anton


About me

Pompea Santoro

Contemporary Dance

About me

Eva Kosa

Contemporary Dance

About me

Mitzi Testi

History of Dance

About me

Monica Ganni

Biologist Nutritionist

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